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Control Friendly Business Tools is an expert collection of IT Solutions for Business. You get end-to-end IT Support and Services, or just the pieces that you need to work better and at a better price with your computers.

  • End-to-End IT Services and Support for All Devices

  • After Hours Support included

  • Month to month contracts,
    100% money back guarantee

  • All-Inclusive plans that include everything, even IT Projects

  • Web Protection Security & Backup Included

  • Total transparency. Full access to our Monitoring Console.

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From All-Inclusive IT packages for all budgets to 5 year warranty custom computers and servers

In the Tech sector, everything got better and cheaper. You probably notice this with your mobile phone, but likely you don’t notice it with your computer network, especially with the IT services you pay for month to month. Our clients do notice that their IT services pricing never changed since 6-7 years ago.

Are you spending on the same IT services the same money like in 2009?

Chances are you are spending more which means you are over-spending because these days all IT companies have tools that allow us to do up to 2 times more work at the same cost like, let’s say, in 2009.
In fact our prices are the same with the prices we charged in 2009 while we are making more money since the costs are going down.

Start to spend less for the same Quality Computer Services & Support

… before your competitors do.

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We do more than computer and network services

We make things work more efficient and we save you money whenever we can

For instance, we don’t charge extra for projects while you are on All-Inclusive agreement with us! But most of the IT companies even newer on the market than us, do this, always.

What we do for our clients in Vancouver since 2007

Complete IT Services and Support for Businesses and Non-Profits

Smooth Change IT Projects (sometimes with zero downtime)

Ultra Reliable Servers and Custom Computers

Email with Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, Google APPS or on your server.

Always ON, Secure WiFi

Content Management Websites and eCommerce Websites

Secure file Sharing Among Teams

Secure file sharing for Boards or outside Consultants

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